joyful dancing inspired by Romani culture

joyful dancing inspired by Romani culture


Loli Grasnya is a dance group of four women united by their love of Romani music and dance. Coming from different backgrounds and nations, we have, for many years, been on a passionate journey exploring various styles of Romani Gypsy dancing.


We met at music and dance projects held by the London Gypsy Orchestra. In workshops and classes with Romani tutors, such as Marek Czureja, we studied Eastern European, Russian and Balkan Romani dance styles. In 2016 we formed our ensemble, Loli Grasnya, to continue working together with joyful Romani dancing. Since then, we performed at various dance festivals, community events and private functions.


Loli Grasnya means ‘The Red Horse’ in Romani language. Horses are an important part of traditional Romani life; they have inspired many moves in traditional Romani dancing.


We perform in traditional Romani outfits and create our own choreographies to Romani music. Our joyful dancing and   our exuberant, hand-made outfits bring a whirl of colour and vibrancy to any event.


Loli Grasnya are available to perform at festivals, functions, parties and cultural events, to recorded or live music. We are also available for interactive performances and workshops.